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Too noisy

Harold the cat didn't take to life in a flat. He was fine during the day, either fast asleep or eating, but just as Maggie and I were thinking about going to bed Harold would liven up. He made a lot of noise; he squawked all night long.

We had some mad idea that we might be able to let him out at night and recover him in the morning but all he's done is to run away and stay away.

I've been wandering around when the streets quieten down around midnight and I've been seen skulking from around 6.30am,just before the town wakens up again. I've seen Harold lots of times. He's hanging around the fringes of a gang of alley cats who loiter in a nearby public garden. I've given him bits of food. He has watched me from a distance but I don't think he has the slightest idea who I am and I don't think he has any wish to come back to the flat.

I've not given up yet though. He's still on the personal profile for the Blog. We shall see. And, fortunately for Eduardo he's keeping relatively quiet.


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