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Hand inside your jacket time

Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca, the whole of the Spain and Portugal was in a bit of a tizz about 200 years ago. What with French armies roaming about, the Spaniards playing unfair and inventing guerilla tactics and the English deciding that if the Spaniards were going to fight the French they may as well join in and have a go at Boneparte. After all the man was causing we Brits a fair bit of bother with his trade embargo. And the Brits could rely on their faithful allies the Portuguese who were somewhat narked that the French had invaded their country.

Ciudad Rodrigo was an important town in this little argie bargie. A gallant defence of the city by Spaniards against the French gave the Brits time to regroup. Wellington took the city back in record time from the French a couple of years after as one of his very early steps in breaking out of Portugal and going on the attack.

This is not the sort of thing that a town that depends heavily on tourism is likely to miss. We went to one of the first of what will, no doubt, be a series of events that will be milking the 200th Anniversary for all it's worth. It was an exhibition called Sitios Napoleónicos based mainly on the contemporary Sketches of the Country, Character and Costume in Portugal and Spain made during the Campaign, and on the route of the British Army, in 1808 and 1809. Engraved and coloured from the drawings by the Rev. William Bradford, A. B. of St. John’s College, Oxford, Chaplain of Brigade to the Expedition.

Winning idea.


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Done. Finished. I'm just about to disconnect the computer and that will be it. We managed to get everything in the cars, tomorrow morning we'll dope up Edu and then all we have to do is to drive across Spain. The Culebrón link below will be in use for the next few weeks before we move on to Cartagena in September. Click on the links below.
So this blog is dead. Ciudad Rodrigo is history. Culebrón for the summer and then Cartagena.
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This blog is now dormant. It records our time in the beautiful city of Ciudad Rodrigo but it's a while since we've lived there. We now spend part of our time in Cartagena, Murcia and a part in Culebrón, Alicante.

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Phone company

The one time state, now private, telephone company here in Spain is called Telefonica. Its reputation is not good. People complain that the service is expensive and poor.
Generally our dealings with Telefonica have been fine though we had a lot of problems when we asked for the line in Culebrón to be temporarily suspended. Finally we had it disconnected.
Anyway, we need a phone and, living in the countryside in Culebrón, our only options are Telefonica or something that involves rebroadcast signals via little antenas. We plumped for Telefonica. I went in the shop here in Ciudad Rodrigo on Wednesday to order the line and broadband. The engineer from Pinoso rang me about five minutes ago, on Friday morning, to ask if he could call by at around five this afternoon to reconnect the phone. I had to put him off till we get back.