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Fond beliefs shattered

As a Brit wandering around Spain I subscribe to two of the stereotypical views of the Spanish. "They don't seem interested in getting drunk, you hardly ever see Spaniards drunk in the street" and "They stick together as families, look at all those huge weekend meals with all the Grans and Aunties out with all the kids".

Antena 3 TV news last night: "Spain has the dubious honour of being the 6th highest nation in the World in the consumption of alcohol - we drink an average of 10 litres per person per year."

Last week I was skimming an English language magazine published in Alicante to see if they'd published an article I'd written. I was surprised to read "Spain has the highest divorce level in the European Union." Apparently over 70,000 people got divorced in the first six months of this year.

Actually, thinking about it, maybe the alcohol thing doesn't surprise me. Spaniards may drink a lot. The overweight, middle aged, man having a brandy with his coffee for breakfast or someone popping into the bar for a quick red wine is another stereotype I hold dear. Large numbers drinking small amounts regularly may give a similar statistical result to small numbers on the razz.


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Combining my blogs

This blog is now dormant. It records our time in the beautiful city of Ciudad Rodrigo but it's a while since we've lived there. We now spend part of our time in Cartagena, Murcia and a part in Culebrón, Alicante.

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Done. Finished. I'm just about to disconnect the computer and that will be it. We managed to get everything in the cars, tomorrow morning we'll dope up Edu and then all we have to do is to drive across Spain. The Culebrón link below will be in use for the next few weeks before we move on to Cartagena in September. Click on the links below.
So this blog is dead. Ciudad Rodrigo is history. Culebrón for the summer and then Cartagena.
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Missed something else

This morning, as I cleaned my teeth, I heard hooves in the street. I didn't bother to rush out. I took my time, I put on my boots and strolled out to buy fags and a paper. There were signs of horses or mules or donkeys having passed down the street. When I came out of the fag shop I noticed a fair sized crowd by the Fat Tree but the fun was over, the crowd was drifting away and I didn't have my camera anyway.
I've just checked the town web site and it says that The Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Peña de Francia, having been blessed by a local chaplain, set out on a Romeria (a sort of pilgrimage) from the town today heading for one of the highest peaks in the area - the Peña de Francia. They won't get there till Sunday as it's some 50km from here.