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Sailing in International Waters

My father maintained we Brits have a natural affinity with the water. We were in a pram dinghy at Lytham when he mentioned it. Today, Maggie and I went on a little boat ride along the River Duero near Corporario where it is ponded up behind the Aldeadávila dam. The Duero, for a good deal of its length, forms the border between Portugal and Spain so, as our guide pointed out, we were sailing in International waters. 

The woman told us lots of other interesting things and as there were just four paying guests on the boat she was able to ensure that we were paying attention. We heard about the 5ºC  increase in temperature from the hillside above to the river below, she told us several times that the cliffs on each side were over 300 metres high and the river some 130 metres deep, we had several tales of the goatherder and his numerous family whose flock graze the steep hillsides, about the border patrols to watch for coffee smuggling from Portugal to Spain in the old days, the Egyptian and Griffin vultures circling over Spain in the morning and Portugal in the afternoon, about the locals watching over the Golden Eagle nests, how the excess electric from the hydroelectric power plant is used to pump water back upstream when they have nothing better to do with it etc. 

All in all a good afternoon out on a nice sunny day.


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Done. Finished. I'm just about to disconnect the computer and that will be it. We managed to get everything in the cars, tomorrow morning we'll dope up Edu and then all we have to do is to drive across Spain. The Culebrón link below will be in use for the next few weeks before we move on to Cartagena in September. Click on the links below.
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Phone company

The one time state, now private, telephone company here in Spain is called Telefonica. Its reputation is not good. People complain that the service is expensive and poor.
Generally our dealings with Telefonica have been fine though we had a lot of problems when we asked for the line in Culebrón to be temporarily suspended. Finally we had it disconnected.
Anyway, we need a phone and, living in the countryside in Culebrón, our only options are Telefonica or something that involves rebroadcast signals via little antenas. We plumped for Telefonica. I went in the shop here in Ciudad Rodrigo on Wednesday to order the line and broadband. The engineer from Pinoso rang me about five minutes ago, on Friday morning, to ask if he could call by at around five this afternoon to reconnect the phone. I had to put him off till we get back.