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Their logo is like a worm or a caterpillar

Give or take a name change here and a branch closure there I've been with the same bank in the UK for 37 years. I'm sure that if I'd shopped around I could have found a much better bank but they've been fine. We've had our little disagreements but then again who wouldn't in all that time?

When I first insured a car in Spain it was the 30 year old MG. I had trouble finding insurance for it at all. Someone with another old car recommended an English speaking broker in Torrevieja and they insured the car quick as a flash. I've been with that broker ever since even through the change to a modern car. I've always checked their price against other insurers but they've been competitive so I've stuck with them despite some very poor customer service at one point.

They contacted me, the Mini insurance would be 477€ this year. I checked a few online quotes and one, with advertising that really annoys me (it's all lurid yellow and green and involves a sporting hero driving a Noddy car seated alongside a worm or a caterpillar), came in at 432€ for better cover. I kept telling myself it was only 40€, that it would be less disrruptive to stick with the old brokers etc. but the real reason was that I knew I could deal with my current people in English and the caterpillar folk would be Spanish.

Emboldened by my conversation with the friendly barman (see post below) I rang the Noddy advert people and I sorted the insurance. Well I nearly sorted it. They've taken some of the premium and sent me a cover note but they are going to send someone to check that the car exists and is as I describe it before they issue the full policy.

Who can tell, maybe those UK insurers that have a Bulldog that talks like Deryck Guyler would do the same?


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