Sunday, 21 October 2007

Safe and sound

She actually got back by 9.20.

On her way back

Maggie left Ciudad Rodrigo on 11 October. Since then she has driven all the way to Culebrón, been to Liverpool for a conference about links between Spanish and UK schools on the British Council project and set up a deal with the Holy Family School in Southport. About ten minutes ago she set off from here headed back to her flat in Ciudad Rodrigo. If all goes well she should be there by 10pm.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

We know a song about that - don't we?

Maggie came across to Culebrón for the puente, the long bank holiday weekend, just before she went off to Liverpool to see if she could find a partner school in the UK for hers here in Spain.

I was struck by some pictures that Maggie had ready for her UK presentation. They show Maggie working in a brightly coloured room, with scaled down furniture and scaled down children.

Imagine the tune, for the Addams Family but change the words to reflect the days of the week "It's Monday and it's Tuesday, it's Wednesday and it's Thursday etc" and there you have it. We know a song about that don't we Gareth!