Friday, 30 November 2007

A bull loose aboot the hoos

Maggie sent me a text yesterday evening urging me to watch an early evening magazine programme on TVE1 because there was an item on it about Ciudad Rodrigo.

Apparently a bullock had escaped from the slaughter house and gone to have a look around the shops in the town centre. This surprised most of the other shoppers but at least it gave them something to talk about.

There was no news of the fate of the bullock.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

And tonight's star prize - a table

When Maggie rang this afternoon she said that she had received a call from the Adult Ed. Centre where she is registered to a pottery class.

The way Maggie told it she said that the man on the phone had said that they had had a draw and that she'd been pulled out of the hat for a table - then she hesitated, I seriously thought she'd won a table, but it turned out to be an electoral table. Basically she had been selected as a student representative by lottery. She declined