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Ciudad Rodrigowood

Ciudad Rodrigo is in the midst of a filming frenzy. There are more film makers here than bearded Brits with sensible headwear.

A film called Pablo de Tarso (Paul of Tarsus, the misogynist Biblical, burning bush chappie*) is being filmed around the town by a local film company throughout May. To add to the fun the state TV broadcaster, RTVE, sent a team to do a report about making that film a couple of weeks ago.

So this Monday Mr Crawford and I were in town to have a coffee in the main square. We came across a film crew outside one of the local bars. The people who were being filmed were dressed up as ramblers complete with boots, sticks and rucsacks. Knowledgeably I explained that the film being shot in the town was some sort of costume drama (I didn't know it was about Paul till I checked a local website) so all I could surmise was that the film must be using flashbacks along with the historical component to tell its story. You know the sort of thing - "Down here!, here's the shoemaker where Wellington had his first pair of boots made up," shouts the man in the Helly Hanson - cut to a picture of the Iron Duke, wearing wellis and staring manfully into the distance, astride a big white horse.

But, despite a lot of Googling, there is no reference in the Pablo de Tarso schedule to anything other than Roman scenes so I have no idea why or what the film crew were doing today other than yelling "Action" and "Cut" in strong Spanish accents.

*Bob Filby made a comment to say that he thought the burning bush was Moses not Paul and, after exhaustive research, well I asked Maggie, that should read "Paul of Tarsus, the misogynist Biblical, blinding light chappie."


Bob Filby said…
Wasn't MOSES the burning bush chappie?
Good Lord, now you are testing my religious knowledge. Didn' Saul become Paul when a bush burst into flames at the side of the road on his way to Tarsus and didn't he go blind for a while? But certainly Moses and burning bushes sounds right too. Maybe it was a common plot device, like flashbacks!

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